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Lose weight with acupuncture!

Because acupuncture puts you in the rest and helps your metabolism work more efficiently!

Utilizing Oriental diagnosis, face and body reading, pulse taking and looking at your tongue, I can tell where your digestive strengths and weaknesses are and therefore help your body digest better, your metabolism and detox mechanisms work better. Your body's drainage organs have to be open.Your kidneys, liver, lungs, bowel, skin and bladder all have to be eliminating properly..Your stomach, spleen pancreas, liver and gall bladder with their respective digestive acids, enzymes and bile all have to be working efficiently. If any of these organs are blocked or sluggish digestion becomes slow. I can tell you which organs need support and which organs need detoxification.

You can lose weight with acupuncture. I can tell you which foods are best for your body type and activity level. Whether you can to be a vegan or a keto or an omnivore, I can help. I have done all of those diet and lifestyle regimes and I know which ones work for who. Each individual has different needs at different times during their life.

We all have to be mindful about our food choices. We all need to be mindful of how our bodies work and what can be done to maximize it's natural benefits.

Call today to learn how acupuncture and Oriental Medicine can help you lose the weight and feel great!

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