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My Journey with Lyme

My journey with Lyme disease and Autonomic Response Testing.

I was bitten by ticks twice in four years between 2002 and 2006, and countless times as a kid. I was lucky enough to see the tick, have the rash and was treated with antibiotics.

In 2009 my acupuncture practice was feeling the economic crunch. I had time on my hands to recuperate from a previously busy schedule and life but I was still tired, fatigued and couldn’t shed the middle age bulge I had accumulated.

I saw an advertisement for a conference on Autonomic Response Testing with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt in NYC, I decided to put the seminar on my credit card. And boy was I glad I did! What I didn’t realize was that Dr. Klinghardt was using was kinesiology. My first reaction was “Oh No!”

Don’t get me wrong I had been helped by my chiropractor using kinesiology in the past, but I still didn’t trust it. It felt subjective to me and I resisted having to have my arm pressed on. I had had three whiplashes in one year back in 1996 and I wasn’t keen on having my shoulder stressed. Even though three acupuncture sessions knocked out my neck pain for a half a year, I still felt occasional stiffness and tension with stress or too much TV binge watching on my couch.

But I quickly was amazed at how different this type of muscle testing was, how accurate it could be and how brilliantly so many of my unanswered medical questions (persona and professional) were answered by Dr. K.

I wound up taking all of the trainings I could over the next nine years. But in the meantime I would learn how not only to treat Lyme disease but many other mystery diseases and maladies.

I immediately went to get tested personally with ART as soon as the conference was over. I was put on a protocol of antimicrobial and anti heavy metal detox as well as an elimination diet and I soon began to remember who I was. I had energy I hadn’t felt in years. I had more clarity. My brain fog evaporated and I could remember. The aches and pains in my joints and neck left. I was beginning to lose the weight around my middle.

I was also using the techniques in my own practice with any patient who would be my willing subject. At first I wasn’t sure if I could do it. What I noticed first was that I could (with the testing) tune into people’s emotional states accurately and almost instantaneously. If I could get accurate emotional test results then maybe the detection of microbes and environmental toxins and their remedies was also possible for me.

I began testing and helping people with aches and pains, fatigue and other weird dis-eases not sufficiently treated by regular medicine. I began helping people with Lyme disease, candida and detoxification in general and specific.

What I have learned over the last 9 years with this kind of environmental medicine was that we are made up of microbes…most of them helpful. But when we become toxic, our micro-biome can become out of balance with disastrous results.

After studying ART for 9 years and utilizing my knowledge of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine I have become acutely aware that most inflammation of the body is correlated with micro-biome imbalance and toxicity of various sorts. Many chronic illnesses have underlying microbial imbalances.

What is bothering you could also be exacerbated by stress, food sensitivities, toxic relationships, trauma and environmental toxins. It could also be compounded by dys-regulation in your organs and meridians. It could be electromagnetic and geo-pathic stress or problems with your teeth or your scar tissue.

The essence of this long list is that any one of these issues could be throwing your immune system into toxic overload. Any combination of these can throw your body into stress and dis-ease. The ART method is designed to check for changes in the bio-photon field, in the biochemical mechanisms and then in the subtle electro kinesiology mechanisms that determine which factors are creating fight and flight and which are causing rest and digest.

This not so simple diagnostic art is a powerful tool in helping your body regulate the way it should. It can help bring you back into feeling yourself again. It can gently guide you back into homeostasis with your micro-biome and internal terrain. It can regulate your internal environment, so it is unburdened and functioning the way it should.

I utilize ART in my practice along with Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine with great results. Over the past 9 years I have done parasite cleanses, anti candida cleanses and have revisited my Lyme treatment protocols whenever I felt I was off and needed a tune up. ART has helped me stay younger and more energized. It has helped me be a better clinician and health care provider. I have helped many people feel better and regain their lives again with ART as well as Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine.

There is a lot of hype and fear around Lyme disease. But it doesn’t have to be scary if you are willing to look at all of the factors that lead to inflammation and body/mind dys-regulation. People ask …“Do you ever get rid of Lyme?” I consider myself cured, BUT we have to keep the unwanted microbes in check. We have to keep our micro-biome in balance, the good microbes up-regulated and the bad ones knocked down. We have to stimulate our immune system by taking the garbage out, by detoxifying. It is a continual effort in this toxic world. I continue to detox, cleanse, balance and re-nourish regularly, as needed.

If you have aches or pains, chronic Lyme or under diagnosed mystery illness, Call us and schedule an appointment for ART, Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Therapies!!!


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