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Flu season: Prevention and remedies !!!

As flu season approaches there are plenty of natural prevention strategies and treatments. First make sure you are getting enough vitamin D. For prevention you can take homeopathic GUNA FLU and GUNA CITOMIX.. once a week..for effective flu prevention.You can give it to kids and the whole family.

Oscillococcinum is another great homeopathic remedy which works fast to nip flu symptoms in a bud. Take as soon as you are feeling flu-ish. Elderberry extract is a nice antiviral which is easy for kids to take. Yin Qiao is a classic Chinese medicine formula. It is great for sore throats and is anti-viral!. Gui Zhi Tang is a great formula for when you are coming down with a cold that also presents with cold achy neck, back and shoulders. Yu Ping Feng San is a Chinese Herbal Medicine immune booster used to prevent colds and flu's for people who are run down. Reishi Mushroom or Ling Zhi is also good for patients who have cough and wheezing and phlegm who generally present with cold type bodies.

You can get many of these products on my WELLEVATE STORE located in the PRODUCTS tab of my website. I offer these because they work. I use them myself. And you now can have the convenience of buying them at any time day or night!

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