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Today's Daily Clearing

Today's clearing is about letting go of frustration and anger..the roots of it being the feeling of "inability to act"..and a sense of powerlessness. Many of us react with anger and frustration when we are confronted with the feelings of "inability to act" and or powerlessness. Many people unconsciously project a displaced anger out to whom ever or where ever it can find a scapegoat. SO if you have family drama where people are blaming you for stuff or social drama where blame goes out to misplaced persons, places or things..visualize letting go of anger and drama..Release any projections of anger that may have come your way due to powerlessness. Realize that anger is often a misplaced fight and flight reaction to powerlessness. Forgive those who have acted out of unconsciousness toward you or others and let go of the stresses caused by feelings, the reactions, the fear and anger from powerlessness! And forgive yourself if you have acted out in anger due to a sense of powerlessness or " inability to act."

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