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Women and the world..sensitive and connected!

When I was young and naive, I gave everyone the benefit of the doubt. Now that I am older and have more wisdom, I still give every one the benefit of the doubt. But I have a better sense of self and better boundaries. I quickly know what feels right and what doesn't. Women have a harder time with boundaries because the world is born from us. We have people inside us. We have people coming out from inside us. We have people eating off of us. It is challenging for women to separate from the world. This is one reason why women are so sensitive, psychic and empathic. We take in every thing. We birth everything. We are connected to everything. As women, we like to solve everything through love. Sometimes you need a balance between the rose in one hand and a stick in the other. Balance. We can stay connected and loyal to those we love and still take care of ourselves. We can learn to set safe and healthy boundaries. We can let go of emotional baggage and lessons that are not ours to take on. We can feel the world , identify our feelings and let them go back to whom they belong. This helps us stay clearer energetically. Being sensitive is like being a highly calibrated machine. One has to learn how to clarify the input (the feelings thoughts and emotions), digest them, analyze them and break them down into their component parts and then distribute them to where they need to go..Give them back to whom they belong. In this way we do our emotional healing work.

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