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Thumb pain? ...understand the connections to deeper organ function!

In my experience, many people with thumb, index finger or wrist pain near the "thenar eminence" or pad under the thumb, have had or still have issues with their lungs and or large intestine. I had one client the other day who had such pain and she told me she had had adhesions removed from her colon years ago. The lung meridian gets congested, blood flow slows down and pain ensues. Other clients have issues from years of smoking. One client had a little phlegm nodule on her wrist at the lung #9 point. She had been a smoker for years. If you want to clear up your wrist and thumb pain come for acupuncture and learn how to clean up the lungs and large intestine, meridian and organ, energy and blood flow I see other symptoms along the lung and large intestine meridians.These include numbness, itchiness, rashes and pain..These are linked with lungs and large intestine also. Congestion in the lungs and large intestines can be from allergies, food sensitivities, surgery, trauma, toxins and more. You can optimize your organ functions with acupuncture herbs and diet and lifestyle. Learn and heal yourself!

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