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Diagnosis and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine has it's diagnostic types that it has used for centuries..For instance: A Yang deficient type could mean a person who suffers from a lack of metabolism..It could mean you are a cold temperature person, suffering from a lower back pain that is better with warmth, have circulation issues, maybe incontinence, pale face and low energy. A Yin deficient type is more like, someone who suffers from a lack of resources, someone who is skinny, maybe prone to anxiety, night sweats, hot flashes, dry nails and hair, tired but wired..maybe insomnia.maybe knee or back pain. A Qi deficiency type can be low energy, low voice, pale face, maybe loose stools.. and shortness of breath. There are many other categories that we use to diagnose our patients.. utilizing other parameters not recognized by what we call modern medicine..We call them dampness, phlegm, heat, toxic heat, wind, dryness, well as other patterns that occur in every organ system, in the blood, the pulse, the body fluids, the spirit, different regions and organ combinations in the body. We also can diagnose you by looking at you. We utilize Oriental Diagnosis by analyzing your face hands, posture, gait, checking tongue and pulse.

It's a truly remarkable skill..... and I specialize in it! These skills and treatments are based on thousands of years of experience and collective learning..They work and you can benefit by understanding your type and adjusting your diet and lifestyle to make balance. We also do that with herbal medicine, acupuncture and other treatments! You can find out what your type is and how it affects your body mind by making an appointment to discover a different type of diagnosis and treatment that has worked for centuries!

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