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Inner knee pain and the overweight patient

Knee pain, Acupuncture point Spleen #9 and The Over Weight Patient.

I see many overweight patients with knee pain around the inner knee area (aka Spleen #9). Some have had knee surgery. Others have not. The spleen meridian is in charge of transforming and transporting nutrients. When a body has an overload of undigested and un-metabolized nutrients ( i.e excess weight) the spleen meridian becomes stagnant with dampness or x.s. energy, fat, phlegm, mucous and body fluids. We know that adipose tissues and fat cells are inflammatory time bombs. Inflammation leads to pain and other systemic dysfunctions. So in my view, the inner knee pain (whether combined with or with out surgery) is a consequence of dampness in the spleen channel. Excess weight blocks the natural passageways of energies that nourish the knee with blood flow, nutrition and waste removal. So my recommendation is to treat the knee pain with acupuncture, weight loss and drying herb formulas on the lines of Er Chen Tang. Er Chen tang is a famous formula for drying dampness. It helps the spleen function better. Patients will often blame the surgery. But the key is weight loss, herbs, acupuncture, better food and when possible exercise.

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