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Earth and you!

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We are affected by our natural environment. Whether we live in the dessert, the mountains, the city, or by the shore, we are all affected by climate, weather and changing conditions. Oriental Medicine is aware that at the change of seasons, just like the climate, people's health is a little more volatile. As the outside environment changes, so do the insides of our bodies. As our weather becomes less predictable, we have to remain flexible. We have to be able to adapt our lifestyles and diets to meet the changes in weather and climate. Our traditional folk remedies have some merit. In dry climates we suggest not eating so many dry foods like crackers, toast or roasted veggies and meats. In wet climates we suggest not eating so many damp foods like yogurt or saucy foods. Eat warming foods when it is cold outside and eat cooling foods when it is hot. We need to create balance within our bodies in a simple instinctual way. We need to get outside more when the sun is shining, when there has been increased rain. We need to add moisture to the body where there has been drought by drinking water . Perhaps we can grow some of our own food. For food safety and quality know who your local growers are. 2019 food trends predict meatless meals as a way to increase health and help the climate. Do you know how to cook great vegetarian food?

We also are affected by toxic chemicals in our environment. Everything is connected. Have you reduced your toxic chemical load by eliminating harmful toxic products from your home? Have you asked your local government what chemicals they are spraying to keep weeds down, in the parks and long the roadsides? Have you talked to your stores about the hand sanitizers they offer to customers? Do you know what is in your water?

Educating ourselves about the harmful affects of toxic chemicals is crucial to our health as a planet and as an individual. Have you worked in a toxic environment? Do you have toxic mold in your home or office?

We can help you manage ways to detoxify yourself in a toxic world and make balance. There are good herbs, supplements, foods and lifestyle choices available to help maximize drainage in specific organs in the body. We can help you figure out what is right for you. This is the only way we will thrive. We need to reduce our toxic burden inside and out. This way life will flourish and grow healthy and strong. We can recover from toxic exposure and so can the Earth. Cleansing, balancing and nourishing has been our treatment strategy for awhile. Come in and let us help you do just that.

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