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Personalized Care

I've had two patients come in recently that have had problems from a stroke..the other from Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Both are some of the most determined people I have ever met. The first came in a walker hunched over frustrated, but strong willed to heal completely (after two years of physical therapy). After 10 Acupuncture treatments he has ditched his walker and is standing upright, walking with a cane and continues to make greater strides in progress than before. The other has been recovering for a year. After a couple of Acupuncture sessions he is reporting greater progress in his exercise routine and is able to rotate his ankle much better, move his toes and walk better. These two are some of the most inspiring patients I have seen. They are committed to their healing. They do their homework. They do their exercises, keep to a good diet and complete other therapies and protocols. Because they work so hard I work hard to get them better. Giving them some shiatsu and stretching has really been the extra thing that has helped tremendously. For each patient, it is different what they need. In a smaller practice one has the time, ability and agility to give personalized care.

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