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Micro-dosing and You!

You may have heard of the new fad sweeping the country of micro dosing psychedelic drugs. The theory is that minute amounts of psychedelic mushrooms, cannabinoids or other substances can cause heightened states of awareness and creativity.

This phenomena has not originated in life hacking fad of nootropics but has most likely been copied from the wisdom of homeopathic medicine and the new frontier Low Dose Medicines.

Low Dose Medicine is making fast headway into many areas of medical research and clinical application. What research is finding is that micro doses can often achieve better results than traditional macro dosing.

As it turns out the bodies receptors can only handle so many molecular messages at one time. So in many cases with dosing medicine “a little dab will do ya” much more effectively than a macro or an “overdose” which will just shut down the body’s mechanisms, just like someone shouting at you. The body might not be able to handle a strong input, but it likes a little!

One of the companies that have taken this revolution to full use is Guna Therapeutics. They have combined homeopathic medicines and micro does of hormones and cytokines for strengthening and modulating the immune system. They have discovered the ways to counteract the inflammation responses in the body for specific conditions and diseases and up-regulate body functions!

micro dosing

The great thing about micro-dosing Low Dose Medicines is that it is side effect free. They can be taken with traditional medicines and are safe when prescribed correctly. I find these medicines are very good for people who can’t do the traditional methods of detox for one reason or another.

So if you want more information about Low Dose Medicines, feel free to ask us at your next visit!

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