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Day of the Dead and epigenetic stress

Do you have ancestors that haunt you?.. Really!.. Do you have old family secrets, unresolved family trauma, pain and suffering? Today is the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico. It is a day to honor ancestors..But it is hard to honor the ancestors if the inherited legacy has left you judgement, disconnection or pain and suffering. But you can heal the family line... You can heal the epigenetic stress that goes through 14 generations..twice as long as the Native Americans believed! We all have some family challenges. You can come in for some emotional healing work and clear out those old closeted wounds. This healing journey leads you back the heart of integration, love and acceptance. It clears old energetic patterns that get in the way of health and success. It helps you reach your destiny and opens the pathway to healing and spiritual abundance. The process is so beautiful. It opens the heart and the tears flow like a beautiful vision. Then everyone can rest in peace and love! The spirits of the ancestors will benefit and be happy. Healing goes forward and backward through the generations. You can help heal your family by doing your own work. That is really the only way.

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