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Real Olive oil or fake?

Did you know that much of what is called 100% cold pressed olive oil is fake? I was shocked when I learned this. Many foods that should be regulated by the FDA go unchecked, including imported organics. Olive oil is one of those. Many companies actually “water down” and dilute their brands with cheaper, less expensive oils. This leaves you with some poor quality product. Who knows what’s in it?

I had a chance to see real olive tree farms on my recent trip to Italy and taste real olives and real olive oil. I stayed at a 1,200 year old convent turned boutique hotel. It was perfectly appointed with antiques and situated with a spectacular view. The place was an example of old world living in harmony with the Earth, including terraced farming. Terraced farming is making a come back because it stops water erosion. Increased rains due to climate change are threatening the Italian coast, as it is everywhere. The Italian regional governments are taking action and supporting terraced farming.

Olive trees are simply beautiful. They have a youthful appearance, not too big. They are lithe and limber. The trees are small enough that you can see the olives at head height very well. You can touch them and pick them easily if need be.

The Italian olives were smooth and delicious, not bitter or acrid tasting.

These days it is really important that we know exactly what is in our foods. We don’t want foods adulterated with chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, GMO’s or unlabeled foreign substances.

Here is a list of authentic extra virgin olive oils.

Bariani Olive Oil

Corto Olive – Cobram Estate –

California Olive Ranch

Kirkland Organic

Lucero (Ascolano)

McEvoy Ranch Organic



Whole Foods California 365

Olea Estate

Trader Joe’s California Estate

McEvoy Ranch

Bertolli Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cobram Estate won the Best Olive Oil 2016 contest.

Chacewater California Extra Virgin Olive Oil was also a winner of the Best Olive Oil 2105 contest.

Ellora Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Kasandrinos Organic Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil

Partanna Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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