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Why patients' don't heal and how to help!

Why patients’ don’t heal….and how to help.!

Wrong diagnosis!- This happens in our medicine as well as allopathic medicine. People don’t get the right diagnosis and therefore the wrong treatment. We do our best to insure your diagnosis is correct according to our methods. We find that many problems involve multiple systems in the body. With today’s specialization in medicine rarely do we see a holistic view of a patient. This is problematic when there are several factors that influence the total wellbeing and illness of a patient.

Holistic medicine is really good at unifying the cascade of events leading to dysfunction. We will look at diet, structure, medical history and ancestry, environmental factors, emotions, scars, dental issues, medicines, EMF’s, organ and meridian issues, environmental toxins and microbial imbalances. This is super comprehensive and covers most issues. Diagnosis is everything. After that you can pick your healing methods. This is our specialty!

Lack of rapport.. You can’t help a patient that doesn’t have respect for you, your learning, your education, your expertise and your style. Sometimes clients and practitioners just don’t mix. No fault, it’s just like oil and water sometimes. If you want to heal, find a practitioner you trust and have good rapport with.

Patients don’t understand the healing theory- If a patient does not understand and value the theories and methods given as critical to their healing they will not follow through with the protocol. Some people have never heard of holistic healing theories and methods and have no context for grasping their importance or validity. Sometimes people are invested in their medicines or allopathic protocol and cannot change or are afraid of change. If you have questions, ask your practitioner so you know what you are doing and why.

Patients don’t have the money or won’t spend the money. People have to value the treatments and know they themselves are worth investing in. Some people won’t pay because it is not covered by insurance and therefore figure it is not in their budget or lifestyle. Some people just don’t make room in their lives for self care. Sometimes patients give up too soon. We believe there is nothing more important than investing in yourself and your health. You are worth it.

Patients won’t invest in the time it takes to heal. To cleanse balance and nourish the body may take some time, effort and lifestyle changes. Sometimes our treatments work instantaneously and people are better when they get off the table but chronic conditions often take time to heal. You should notice some steady increments of feeling better. Stick with it for a while. Give the healing a chance to take hold. Healing is a process and a lifestyle!

Patients are not compliant with recommendations. Sometimes patients do not follow dietary advice, supplement or herbal advice or other lifestyle recommendations and then wonder why they are not getting well. Please be compliant. Your practitioner will be able to help you so much more quickly if you do!

Hidden emotional secrets or issues. Sometimes patients won’t, don’t or can’t tell you about old traumas, abuse or other secrets and lies that keep their body’s resources so locked up they can’t heal. Emotional baggage secrets and unresolved trauma will take energy from the body, mind and spirit and keep the body from healing completely. Luckily we have ways of helping heal these blockages if our patients open up. Come clean and spill the beans!

Too many surgeries or medicines- Sometimes we see people who have been abused by the system and are taking many medicines and have had many surgeries. Sometimes these people are hard to treat because they have already been through much trauma at the hands of modern medicine and their body’s energy has been so compromised and depleted. Our medicine can help people even after many surgeries. Sometimes it is the only thing that helps.

Arrogance- It’s not curiosity that killed the cat, but arrogance. Every once in awhile we meet up with a patient who knows better and has all the answers. It is impossible to help people like this. And so we just go our separate ways having done our best. We are not here to change people’s minds only to inform and give our best services. We will do our best to educate you about the process of our healing methods.

If you are not getting better consider if any of these reasons might be affecting your healing process. Then come talk to use and see if we can help!

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