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What is Holographic Anatomy?

What is Holographic Anatomy? It is the secret weapon of physical diagnosis. It is the way to accurately do face reading and read whole body language. Learn how to see and feel energy in the body for health and wellness .. Looking at the nose....?...It may actually relate to the heart, lungs or spleen..Which one is it? What are the sizes, shapes, colors, and changing markings of your body telling you about your health?... or someone else's health? One small part expresses truths about the whole. Find out how the physical body gives signals you can see for better health..Read the whole body ! Learn how your organs are doing. Learn about the quality of your blood. See signs of disease or aging or health and recovery! Unlock the secret messages your face and body are expressing! These are valuable skills for a health care provider, massage therapist, healer, doctor, nurse, yogi, parent or acupuncturist. Lisa has been practicing this aspect of Oriental diagnosis with energy medicine skills for over 30 years and is an expert! Learn from the best! Upgrade your body awareness and diagnosis skills with these important tools. Learn intuitive diagnosis..Learn to be sensitive to the signs and symptoms your body is telling you in plain sight and ones hidden from normal view. Don't you want to know? Check out our classes at Twin Ponds May 5th and September 8th and 9th, 2018 ! Lisa's book on Holographic Anatomy may be done in time! Register now!


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