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Holographic Anatomy Course

Holographic Anatomy and Healing

with Lisa Baas L.OM

  • One day Intro: Saturday May 5th, 2018, 9-5 $160.00 or

  • Two day : Sept. 8th and 9th Sat and Sun. 9-5

  • $320.00

Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center

628 Twin Ponds Road

Breinigsville, PA 18031

This course is for health care professionals who want to upgrade their energetic diagnosis, assessment and healing skills: Learn how to understand holographic body language and understand whole body microsystems:

  • Decode the body’s encryptions and underlying holographs

  • Access hidden information in plain sight

  • Perceive and heal multi-dimensionally

  • Physical, mental, emotional, history

  • Visual, auditory, palpation, listening & diagnosis

  • Integrate information with compassionate communication and energetic healing

  • Foresee imbalances offering prevention opportunity

This class is for health professionals and any one who wants to understand the messages the body is expressing. Learn diagnosis and health assessment for personal or professional use. Discover information systems that can lead to health or prevention of disease. Utilize facial diagnosis, total body microsystems and body mapping for better understanding of physiological dynamics. Learn how the body/ mind translates into destiny. What some people call psychic skills I call sensitive awareness. Learn how to upgrade and tune into your intuitions and psychic awareness skills for better health. Empathic people will also learn how to create safe and healthy boundaries, learning how to open and close the doors to perception. Regulate your natural super powers. Scientific basis for all practices included. Contact us at:

Lisa Baas Living Arts Medicine

2358 Sunshine Rd.

Allentown, Pa. 18103

follow us on facebook@ Lisa Baas Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Call to Register: 610.841.9300

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