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First Visit: what you get!

What can you expect on your first visit to our office? As a patient you have been asked to fill out and bring with you several patient intake forms. This helps me review your signs and symptoms quicker. Together we will review your chief complaints, health history, physical, mental, emotional wellbeing, aggravating factors, possible causes and cascade of events that have created your current condition. We will discuss the roots and branches of your condition, that means the early possible causes including family history, genetic predisposition, lifestyle, diet and current therapies and medications. You will receive an evaluation of your physical signs - structure, pulse and tongue. You will also receive a consultation: meaning a conversation about your health, a diagnosis according to Chinese medicine and a treatment plan. The diagnosis will include strengths and weaknesses of your system, possible aggravating or supporting factors and domino effect or perfect storm of symptoms and syndromes. The treatment plan may include acupuncture, herbal medicine, diet, exercise, meditation and lifestyle suggestions. It may also include recommendations for our other therapies including, massage, APN-Applied Psycho-Neuro-Biology ( i.e. emotional balancing therapy), PEMF- pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, CNS-cranial nerve simulation, cupping, moxa, gua sha, shiatsu, laser therapy and laser detox, and Autonomic Response Testing. All of these therapies are safe, sustainable, non-toxic, inexpensive and supportive of living systems. Patients at our office get free laser therapy with their acupuncture treatments if warranted and wanted. PEMF therapy is available during acupuncture as well.

We offer a value added practice that takes the time to personalize your medicine and therapies. Quality and caring with personalized treatments. Today's medicine is personalized to your particular needs. From genetic testing to personalized medicines your body mind and spirit are unique. You need someone who can understand your particular health history and healing journey. We take the time to listen to your story. We help you navigate your healthcare choices. We offer health care advocacy supporting you with the best choices for your wellbeing. Why choose a lesser form of health care when quality health care is available?

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