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Diet for Migraines

For all of you Migraine sufferers.. Have you heard of the low Tyramine Diet? It is similar to Chinese Medicine’s recommendations for staying away from things that can cause damp heat or inflammation. Generally it recommends staying away from aged and fermented foods, processed meats, additives and chemicals and fatty foods. Here’s the list. I find that staying away from these foods helps the gall bladder process fats, phlegm and mucous more efficiently, leading to less stagnation and reduced migraines. Here’s the list to stay away from:

Fermented and smoked meats: such as pepperoni, salami, bacon, sausage, foie gras, picked herring,

Fermented vegies like: pickles, miso, saurkraut, soy sauce, yeasty foods like Marmite, liquid aminos

Chemicals like: aspartame, sulfites, sulfates, MSG, nitrites and nitrates

Fatty foods like chocolate, bananas, nut butters,

Dairy food especially aged cheeses, avocadoes



I have had great success treating migraines with acupuncture, herbs and dietary changes.. No need to suffer these terrible pains….. You just need to change!

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