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WEiRd SYmpToms continues... with Fire Tongue!

What is fire tongue? it is the sensation that work tongue is hot and burning. Flaming tongue can be caused be eating hot stuff or by chemotherapy but we are talking about the idiopathic or not sure why your tongue is burning syndrome....Flaming tongue is usually caused by digestive issues. It can be leaky gut syndromes or acid reflux type conditions. An inflamed gut, a disturbed micro-biome like yeasty thrush or H-pylori, can cause the feeling of burning tongue. Food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, dental issues are all possibilities as well. But basically it is inflammation of the digestive system, somewhere. Occasionally it will also be related to inflammation in the heart. Since according to Chinese Medicine the tongue is the sprout of the heart. So flaming tongue can coincide with or be related to Fire pits.

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine can treat flaming tongue via the digestive system or via the heart or pericardium meridians with a cooling treatment plan. Cooling, soothing herbs for the digestive system like aloe vera, marshmallow, licorice can soothe an irritated stomach and digestion. Heart clearing herbs like rose, hawthorn and corn silk tea also work when the issue is heart related. Herbal formulations can work even better to clear heat out of the heart quickly and safely. But eliminating the offending foods is critical to permanent healing.

These symptoms might sound exotic or rare but the human body is an amazing creation. It reacts to stress, fatigue and stagnation in countless ways. Stagnation creates heat and inflammation that can cause a myriad or symptoms and diseases.

These are the kind of symptoms Chinese Medicine has answers for. Unusual signs and symptoms can usually be traced back to dysfunctional meridians and organs. Heat and damp conditions can be treated at home with diet and lifestyle changes as well as treating with acupuncture and herbs. Don’t be frightened by these signs and symptoms. They are often transitory and will resolve with care. Acupuncture and herbal medicine is great at treating WEIrD Symptoms!

Send us your weird symptoms and we will do our best to help you figure it out!!!

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