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I have always wondered about people who tell me “I don’t drink water. I don’t like the taste of water.” I never understood how people could live with out drinking water, until recently.

I was sitting in a little French café in a town known to still have bad water polluted by local industry, long ago. I was sitting there, waiting for my food to arrive, taking sips of the tap water I knew was probably still polluted. I thought to myself, a few sips would not kill me, would it?

This question is pervasive in my daily life. Will my water, food, cell phone, cosmetic or computer make me sick? Will the body burden of toxins finally build up in my system and eventually lead to degenerative disease? ? Many of my friends and clients don’t know what is safe to eat or drink or buy anymore. Our government agencies don’t seem to be able to protect us from these types of hazards. Have we made some collective Faustian bargain, that to have technology we have to have poison? I refuse to take that position.

The water tasted flat. It tasted bland and mildly stale. I didn’t want to drink it. I thought of all of those people who have said to me over the years they don’t like to drink water.

No wonder! I imagine that the water all over the country tastes bad. It is bad. It is filled with chlorine and fluoride and who knows what else!

It makes sense to invest in a good water filtration system and forget buying bottled water. Carry your own water in protected glass, not plastic.

I urge you to become aware of your own water resources. Perhaps even a water protector in your own neighborhood. Where does your water come from? What is in your water? What government agencies can tell you what is in your water? Who owns your water? Where you are right now there is plenty of opportunity to serve as your local water guardian.

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