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Benefits of our practice

The benefits of our practice are many. We offer services not found in community acupuncture practice. You get personalized attention. You get private rooms to rest and relax. While community acupuncture may seem like a good deal. It does not give you the benefit of personalized diagnosis and treatment.Any one suffering from a serious condition would benefit from a thorough consultation, diagnosis and personalized treatment..We offer herbs, supplements, homeopathic medicines. We offer laser treatments, magnetic therapy, cupping, gua sha. We have two massage therapists on site. One who does shiatsu, the other raindrop therapy and reflexology. Lisa offers Autonomic Response Testing a form of kinesiology or muscle testing for advanced detox and rejuvenation. APN or Applied PsychoNeurobiology is also offered.It is a beautiful treatment to relieve emotional stress. When considering acupuncture for your condition, don't make it your last resort. You get what you pay for. Choose a practice that can give you quality options at reasonable price.

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