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Headaches Continued

So what do you do if you have a frontal headache? Then, we check you for food sensitivities and allergies. Once we find what you are sensitive to, we ask you to avoid those foods for 6 weeks minimum. Usually after a week or so, our patients will notice much less congestion, stuffiness, less post nasal drip and phlegm. Sometimes they have fewer aches and pains in their joints. Sometimes their skin clears up, they have better digestion, better energy, better mood and better sleep.

If you have typical migraine symptoms with pain in the back of the head or behind the eye, this is often an indication of a congested gall bladder. Then we focus on detoxifying the gall bladder through diet and we give you herbs to cleanse, balance and nourish the gall bladder. With both cases we give you acupuncture to regulate the organs, open the meridians and move the congested blood and reduce inflammation..

If you have a vertex or top of the head ache. We often find it is the liver that is congested and needs some detoxification. Acupuncture, diet and different herbs are used to make the liver function much easier.

With each type of headache, there are different diagnoses and different treatments. The same goes with any other type of ailment. You get what you pay for with acupuncture. We make a differential diagnosis every time. This creates a treatment strategy which is tailored just for you. Some acupuncturists don't do a thorough consultation and treat in assembly line fashion. We like to give you the privacy and the attention you deserve. Quality is what counts.

Call for your appointment today. We will discuss your health history and give you details to understand your diagnosis and treatment options. Call now!

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