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The truth about headaches..

Want to know the underlying causes of

Head aches?...

The location of your head ache can tell a lot about what is causing the pain. Frontal headaches on the forehead are usually associated with food allergies, sensitivities, air born allergens, and gut related imbalances. Constipation headaches will often be a frontal headache. Vertex head aches or top of the head pain is related to liver stagnation. Occasionally top of the head, headaches will indicate high blood pressure.

Occipital headaches relate to the gall bladder congestion often found in migraine sufferers. Sometimes occipital headaches can indicate the oncoming of a cold or flu virus. The body aches associated with fever and chills of the flu can often start with the back of the head and shoulders. Temporal headaches can also be

gall bladder or spleen related. This generally means something wrong with the digestion. Headaches that come with damp weather indicate that there is a problem in the body with too much fat, phlegm, mucous, cholesterol or inflammation. It can mean the body has lost its ability to wick moisture or release fluid through sweat or the skin.

Headaches can be caused from tight muscles, poor dental occlusion, poor circulation, blood deficiency, blood stagnation, not enough energy going through the meridian channels or blocked energy. It can be from not enough fat or cooling moistening yin quality in the body. Headaches can be caused from structural mis-alignment in the bones in the neck.

Facial pain, such as trigeminal neuralgia,can be caused by viruses on the nerve roots. Headache pain such as with meningitis can be caused by bacterial infections in the brain or spinal cord.

Stress which causes inflammatory processes in the body can cause head aches too.

You can see, for every person with a headache that walks in the door of our clinic, there can be at least 10 different reasons for them. So we do our best to identify which pattern is active in the patient, so we are able to treat them specifically and efficiently.

If you or a loved one suffers from head aches. Call our clinic and make an appointment. We can evaluate your particular type of headache and treat you with acupuncture and herbal medicine. They work!

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