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New Year is upon us...

It's a new year! What will you do to make it better for yourself? I am making more time for myself, to take care of my self. As I get older, I need to make more time for self care. I am choosing a lifestyle which is gentler, less hurried, less pushing and more reflection. I am harvesting and utilizing what I know, instead of searching for the "new". I seek to spend more time outdoors as a form of renewal and communion. I dream of singing and dancing as a form of prayer and praise! I am slowing down to connect more with those I love. I will work more efficiently. I will continue to create safe and healthy boundaries. I will speak the gentle truth as I see it. I will continue to support the spiritual mental emotional physical health and happiness of those I serve! Welcome 2016 for a better than ever year for all! Older and wiser...we continue to serve our clientele with the most innovative healing practices. We wish you a happy and healthy new year!

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