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How do we do it?

People ask us how do we test for emotional stress? How is it possible that we are able to identify old emotions, wounds and baggage inherited from our ancestors? And how is it possible to release these toxic emotions from our energy field?

Furthermore, how is it, that we are able to identify, in seconds, the blockages from your family's past that hold the key to understanding your current struggles and challenges. Why do we have unseen blocks to our progess and growth and success ? And how do we get rid of them?

We utilize a system called Applied Psycho-Neurobiology. It draws on psycho-neuro-immunology, neurobiology and understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine's linking organs with emotional distress. Unresolved traumas are stored in the unconscious mind/body and communicate to the nervous system via the limbic- hypothamus connection.

First we have to understand three concepts. The first concept is epigenetics.

The study of epigenetics demonstrates that emotions are inherited from ancestors by the expression of genetic code that is passed down through the generations. Emotional experiences and their interpretation through ancestors' nervous systems gets stored in the genes. The science shows emotional distress is inheritable, as well as emotional contentment.

The second key is understanding of the biophoton field or energy field. All living organisms emit ultra weak photon emmisions. The energy field is an organized structure of biophotons. Human biophotons are emmited in a vertical aixs along a 360 degree radiating longitudinal plane. The light is highly structured and organized. The photons that make up the energy field store data. DNA is made up of light, stores light and emits light that triggers neurons and cellular function. Biophoton activity is a precursor to and product of biochemical activity. The body is constantly absorbing, regulating and emitting light. Everything that a living organism experiences is recorded and transmitted by the nervous sytem to the DNA and the energy field, and visa versa. Ancestors' emotional experiences that have caused nervous system response get transferred to us through the epigenetics. If humans are storing ancestors' genetic expression through inherited DNA, they are also expressing it through the biophoton field.

We are also expressing our own lifetime's nervous system responses. While the nervous system responses of our lifetime, can be recognized by our conscious awareness as memories, the memories of our ancestors can haunt us like vague curses or be felt as inherited strengths. Emotional traumas can also hide in the subconscious until a time when the psyche is ready and able to process them. This is known as memory recall and is sometimes observed in victims of trauma or shock which can cause memory block.

The last part of the puzzle can be found in the art of Applied Psycho-Neurobiology. This type of kinesiology measures the nervous system response related to stored emotional stress. Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes that emotions have relationships with organ systems. Applied Psycho-kinesiology expands this concept with a wider variety of emotions and their target organs. Emotions are stored in the body like books in a library. We can access the emotional archives library through communication with the nervous system which recorded them in the first place.

Through Applied Psycho-Neuro-Biology, we are testing for strengths and weaknesses similar to fight and flight and rest and digest responses. The human body will store stresses in various organ systems, the DNA and biophoton field. We test to determine which organ is stressed and which emotion is stored there. The limbic system or emotional brain communicates with the hypothalmus which is a master controller of nervous and endocrine system functions. Through this network of memory, recording and storage in the body's various systems, we can test the analogue of stored data (emotion) through digital analysis.

We can access the emotional data stored in the light body via the nervous system. We retrieve the data (emotions) via digital testing (i.e flight and flight or rest and digest responses) and then help the body to reprogram the nervous system response from fight and flight to rest and digest in a therapeutic setting and context. We have techniques that allow the uncoupling of the emotion from the limbic system. We utlize colored light. The limbic system has color receptors that correlate to uncoupling the emotional stress docked on the receptor sites or held in the DNA. We process the traumatic memory or inherited stress with touch, colored light, and therapeutic or "shamanic" dialogue

The cascade of events is mirrored. The memory of an ancestor is stored in the nervous system, brain, DNA and light body. Through epigenetics it is passed down through the generations. We are able to test the emotions by utilizing the same pathways the body processed and stored the information in the first place. The memory data is analogue.The testing retrieval is digital.

Through this finely tuned interface between the light body, DNA and nervous system we are able to help process epigenetic and enigmatic emotions that block inherited strengths. We are able to help process and drop old emotional baggage.

Through this method of Applied Pyscho-Neurobiology we are able to help you clear the energy field of unwanted and unconscious emotions, thoughts and feelings! This method is utilized by some of the best alternative and holistic doctors through out the world.

Many people limit their healing possibilities because the methods are outside their belief system. Even though many people accept the conventional norms of standard medicine, without understanding it, they accept it because it is commonly accepted. Many of these standard methods when scrutinized thoroughly are shown to be flawed, non scientific and administered via emminent based medicine rather than evidence based medicine. It takes an educated mind or an intuitive understanding of the basic laws of physics that we are all connected by energy to accept that these cutting edge types of therapies are effective.

So that is how we do it! I suggest if you have any curiosity about our healing methods you give us a try. We are doing some of the most amazing healing I've witnessed in my 30 years of practise.

We wish you infinite blessings on your healing journey!

Lisa Baas

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