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Cupping Lehigh Valley!

So, cupping is an interesting therapy. I say, it's kinda like a hickie. The cups suck the blood up to the surface of the skin, releasing old stagnated blood that causes pain and stiffness. I have an old gal, a client of mine for several years, she couldn't get in or out of her car comfortably. After a few acupuncture sessions, where she didn't get long lasting relief, we switched to cupping to release the stagnation in her leg. In one cupping session she had better movement and much less pain. Cupping is safe and easy. We use fire to create a suction in the glass cups. We quickly apply the cups to the skin. The skin pulls up into the cup and with blood comes to the surface..After a minute or so, the suction cup releases and the skin has a reddish pink hue. The cupping mark disappears in a few hours to a few days depending on the person. It is very helpful for athletes who actually get blood stagnation because of their tight muscles! You often see cupping marks on the back of athletes, especially the Chinese swimmers during the Olympics. Many cultures use cupping. Russians, the Nordic cultures, Europeans and Turks all have traditional uses of cupping in their physical therapies. Cuping is a safe and easy way to relieve pain and stagnation! I recommend you try cupping today. It is a great adjunct to acupuncture! Cupping takes about 10-20 minutes depending on the severity of your case. Afterwards you should feel lighter, more relaxed and pain free! Give it a try! Put it on your bucketlist! So many good therapies are out there! It's exciting to watch people feel better everyday with safe non-invasive therapies that really change the way the body works and feels on the root or causitive level! We love what we do!

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