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Are you healthy? Here are 7 symptoms that say yes or no!

How do you define health? Some people say it means, not under the care of a doctor, but if you ask the ancient sages they say something else. Here are the seven signs that you are healthy:

#1 Unlimited energy and no fatigue! Now this doesn't mean that after a long hard days work you are not tired, but it means that you wake rested and feel energized through out the day to meet your life's tasks with the energy required to do so from dawn til dusk.

#2 No aches or pains! That's right, no aches or pains in your body. No inflamation or blockage or deficiency that would cause pain, swelling or discomfort.

#3 Good sleep. No trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. A good nights sleep and no crazy dreams is considered a key to a healthy life and full recovery from the day's work.

#4 A good appetitie. A healthy appetite is seen as a factor to a good digestive system and a healthy individual. A good appetite and the ability to nourish yourself well is the foundation to good health.

#5 A healthy digestive system.... No constipation or diarrhea. A healthy digestive system is considered to be one of the most important factors in nourishing the body as well as eliminating waste. The corner stone for good health indicates that all other organs are working well and your system is in balance.

#6 Healthy emotions. This means you are neither burdoned by too much of one emotion or the other on a regular basis, so not too much joy or fear or sadness etc. A Healthy emotional life indicates many things about a person's physical health as well as the state of their relationships and mental outlook.

#7 No Anger. Anger was seen as perhaps the most toxic emotion. Consistent anger was a sign of liver stagnation as well as a sign of long term emotional imbalance and mental dysfunction. Chronic anger indicates a lack of self awareness and emotional or spiritual maturity as well as an unhealthy body.

SO how did you rate?

Years ago longevity was prized. Peope did not automatically believe they would live a long life or that medicine would save them. So they took good care of their health. They practiced health maintenance and self development. They would do exercises for physical, mental and spiritual/emotional strength and development. Traditional healing practices were taught as longevity increasing and wisdom building routines. Much like how good martial arts are taught to build character, the healing arts too were taught to build vitality and nourish spiritual growth.

So do your yoga, tai chi, meditation, exercise, meditation, clean living and dietary therapy. The practise of mindful living won't guarantee you a long life but it will give you the rewards of self development and perhaps give you some peace from the benefits of this list.

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