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Living Arts Lessons! Classes forming for the fall 2015!

Living Arts Lessons..

Coming in the fall 2015

Good Data….Connection… Community …Healing…

*The Art of Sacred Touch .

Touch is a sacred art. Many people are unaware how to touch the human body with relaxation, reverence and sacredness. Learning how to touch the deepest part of a mind body and spirit is a sacred skill. Do you yearn to touch or be touched in a sacred way? Would you like to improve your ability to massage your partner? Are you a massage therapist that needs more clients? Would you like to gain skills on how to touch with deep mind/body/spirit connection.? Any one that wants to learn the deep sacred skill of touching will benefit from Lisa’s 30 years of skill as a shiatsu practitioner, teacher and acupuncturist. 2 days $275.00 or $400.00 couple. February 13, 14, 2016

*Skillful Cervical Shiatsu Therapy.. Learn how to skillfully work on the head, neck and shoulders, with special focus on the cervical area. Working the neck can be the most important part of your massage therapy routine, giving the most satisfaction and change in your clients. Learn how to skillfully massage and relax most important and delicate part of the human anatomy. Heal the bridge between the mind and body. Learn how to reduce inflamation, relax musculature, relieve subluxation and give your client pain relief, stress relief and natural alignment. This class is for licensed health care practitioners. $120.00 November 15, 2015

*Medical Intuitive

Learn the Body codes. Learn how to increase your perceptions skills. Learn how to read your patients signs and symptoms with 4 Dimensional, holographic ability to see, hear, feel the body mind and spirit. Learn how to read the body for physical mental emotional and spiritual imbalance and strength. Learn how to quickly and thoroughly assess your clients’ health. Learn how to increase your skills as a health care practitioner. Develop your psychic or high sense perception ability for health and healing. Hand on as well as learning assessment skills through observation, listening, questioning, palpation, and high sense perception. $1200/ level Level 1 starting Tuesdays September 22- Dec. 15.. Level 2 Jan 26. -April 19th 6-10pm

*Psychic Bodywork

Learn how to touch your client’s with high sense perception. Learn how to feel what your clients’ feel physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually. Learn how to develop your psychic ability through touch. Learn how to listen with your whole body and become a receiver of information. Hands on work. Learn through sensory training and experience. 2 days $350.00 April 10th, 17th,2016

*The Power of Yin. How to heal your body, mind, spirit and sleep.

The power of the yin time or nighttime offers a quiet and stillness that allows one to connect with the deepest parts of our nervous system and healing. We will learn how to sleep again as well as clear our self from trauma and unresolved stress. We will learn how to heal our family line of epigenetic stress and clear family line karma. We will learn how to unhook from societal dysfunction, poor consensus reality and magically restore our clear energies for peaceful sleep. These meditations and healings will transform your relationships and free your spirit to rest peacefully as well as energize your daytime activities. It will teach you how to process your daily trauma from friends, family, co-workers and society at large. Clear your spirit for high level self mastery. Janury 3, 2016 Sundays 6 weeks $240.00 4-6 pm

Emotional Healing Demo

See how the body stores emotional stress in your organs. Learn how you can carry others stress and how it can be toxic for you. See our live demonstration how we can heal you emotional stresses and release your toxic feelings for better health and increased energy. $10.00 September 28th, 2015 7pm

*Fertility and Prenatal Preventative Health Care

Any one pregnant or trying to conceive should take this class. Learn how to avoid autism and learning disabilities. Learn how you can clear your child from epigenetic stress and familial trauma.. Learn how to prevent toxins from being passed on to your baby. Learn the critical health care prevention methods that will give your baby a healthy start in life and give an advantage for her destiny and future. Learn how to prevent environmental toxins from entering the placenta. Learn how to maximize your baby’s neurological development and keep your baby safe from chemicals. Learn how to conceive safely and maximize fertility. Learn about the key issues with infertility and what’s keeping you from getting pregnant. March 7th 7pm

Learn what you can do to maximize your families’ health. $20.00

Holographic Anatomy Class

Learn how to see the body in four dimensional reality. Learn how to read your patients face, hands, back, eyes, ears, pulse and tongue. Learn how to read auras or energy fields. Learn how to see and feel the chakras. Learn the signs and symptoms of disease.Learn the codes of the body. Learn how to access information that is hidden to the normal perception.Increase your awareness and diagnosis skills. dates coming soon...

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