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Living with Uncertainty...

There have been times in my life when I have faced uncertainty and been paralysed by fear at taking the next step..What I have learned to do, is to visualize myself standing at the last "place" where I knew something..the last place in my mind, where I could get my bearings on who I was and what I knew..from that place I figured I could at least stand in some sense of knowing and either wait or be able to take one small step forward. With this meditation or framing of my perception, I have been able to relax and get more comfortable."Timing is everything!" some one said to me once. I believe action with timing is proactive. If you have done everything you could in a situation, to the best of your ability..the only thing left to do is wait or accept the natural order of the universe. Sometimes I can't see or feel the right move or the next step and so I wait...I put my self back into the last place of my understanding..I review my options..I calm my mind and center my being..wait for some guidance or insight..and sometimes I just have to wait for the stars to align or for all of the facts to become known. I have become more comfortable with this process over the years but occasionally I get impatient. Accepting the divine order of the universe is hard when you don't get what you want. But sometimes it's better that way...The balance of action and acceptance is the key. Do your best to make things happen and then step back and see what the universe has step at a time.

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