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14 signs of parasite infection..

14 Signs of Parasite Infestation By Lisa Baas copyright 2014

#1 bad breath caused by acidosis.. your internal milleu becomes out of balance

#2 anal itching,,pins works come out at night and lay eggs around the anus

#3 full moon mood wings, insomnia..microbes are more active during the full moon

#4 weight loss,,parasites eat your food first and leave you the rest

#5 mucous looking stools,,parasites occassionally die and slough off part of their mucillagenous body

#6 unexplained fatigue parasites take your nutrients first

#7 pale complexion..again nutritional deficiency due to parasites eating your food

#8 craving for carbs, meat or sugar.. the parasites program you to eat what they like

#9 unexplained body heat..metabolic actions of organisms create heat

#10 unexplained pain in your lower abdomen..parasites create colonies which create stagnation and pain

#11 dark patches of skin....i think it has to do with the biotoxins given off by the parasites in the intestines which relate to the skin..both are organs of elimination

#12 chronic disease research supports the theory that underlying all chronic illness is microbes and toxins

#13 feeling like something is moving inside your gut and it’s not gas bubbles..parasites do moves around in the gut

#14 mental disorders, bi-polar, schizophrenia,,studies show that microbial infections are linked to mental disorders

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