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12 signs you have yeast overgrowth in your body!

12 Signs you may have yeast overgrowth in your body!

Copyright Lisa Baas 2014 .

#1 you crave carbohydrates or sugar… Cravings are the microbes programming you to feed them. As a “parasite” microbes know how to program your body for their benefit and survival. They like to eat simple sugars. They program the digestion to start producing amylase or other body chemicals signaling you to crave carbohydrates and sugars.

#2 you have used antibiotics: Antibiotics kill everything in the gut, good and bad bacteria. The problem with over use of antibiotics is that the strongest microbes will survive. If you have gut imbalance to begin with, the bad bugs survive leading to antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria in you and the environment.

#3 you are a cheap date, one drink makes you woozy, weak in the knees, your stomach queezy, head achy, joint pain, or other symptoms not usually associated with one drink…Wine sugars and yeasts support and feed the yeast, so you can get overgrowth symptoms like headaches, dizziness, weakness in the knees. These symptoms are actually, like an algae bloom in your gut. The dizziness is caused by the rising fermentation and the bio-toxins given off by them affecting the brain.

#4 you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, alternating diarrhea or constipation ……Any typical digestive symptom can be a sign of microbial infection.. Gas, bloating, loose stools, diarrhea, constipation all are possible symptoms of yeast. Gut dys-biosis can be caused by many factors such as eating food that you are sensitive to, acid alkaline imbalance, toxins and poor eating habits. Each of these can invite the microbes in. Think of it this way, Mother Nature is the ultimate recycler. When you are living out of balance…at some point Mother Nature decides it’s time for the microbes to compost you.

#5 you have eczema, hives, unexplained rashes, dry skin or nail fungus…Eczema, acne and hives are caused by the inflammation from microbial heat toxins trying to escape via the skin, often dumped there because the body’s other detoxification mechanisms are overloaded. Dry skin is from the body’s elimination mechanism being blocked by what the Chinese would call “dampness”, we might call it fat, phlegm or mucous obstructing the lymph of soft tissue.

#6 you have hot flashes or are otherwise really hot bodied not associated with menopause or high metabolism….These kind of hot flashes are caused by the metabolic action of the microbes in your system. They are churning away like a factory in your body and they produce heat. You could be hot at any point during the day steady or in hot flash type wave of heat.

#7 you are 10-20 pounds overweight… Excess weight is often caused by the same things that create yeast, overeating sweets and carbohydrates.

#8 you are sensitive to dairy products, yeast products or carbohydrates …Dairy products like cheese, yeast products like bread and foods like mushrooms all contain some cultured organisms. Sometimes good organisms will reinforce the bad fermentation in your system in a homeopathic type of “like creates like” action.

#9 you have frequent sinus infections, yeast infections, post nasal drip or phlegm and mucous …The sinuses can be infected with yeast as well as bacteria. Often I see patients who have frequent sinus congestion which is not bacterial but really a yeast infection. This can only be relieved when they take a nasal wash with homeopathic anti yeast medicines. Vaginal yeast infections are often a sign of systemic acid alkaline imbalance and another indicator of systemic yeast in a woman’s body.

#10 you have head aches or achy joints …The brain has an intimate connection with the gut via the vagus nerve which enervates them both. The brain reacts to the fermentation blooms and bio-toxins with headache, heaviness, brain fog and poor memory. If your gut lining is thin and has been compromised big food molecules get through the lining of the intestines into the blood. When this happens the blood becomes irritated and inflamed. Inflammatory cells in the blood circulate and wind up in your joints causing pains and arthritis and stiffness.

#11 fatigue or ANY other symptom …Microbes change your biochemistry in ways we know can cause physical, mental and emotional changes. That means any symptom could be caused by microbial imbalance.

#12 chronic disease …Chronic disease can be summed up by understanding that the body is out of balance. The body, over loaded with stressors and toxins, it can’t eliminate starts to break down. The toxins come from a combination of factors including diet, infections, electromagnetic stress, pollutants, trauma and genetics. Microbes can move into the blood, infecting organs like the thyroid causing auto-immune reactions. The body knows there is an invader but it can’t recognize the pathogen, so it gets confused and attacks it’s self. Pathogens are sneaky and hide in the areas least likely to be perfused with blood that way evading the body’s immune responses. Pathogens are parasites. They learn how to manipulate their host’s body functions in order to optimize their survival.The more microbes we have the greater chance of developing chronic illness. It’s important to eliminate and reduce microbial counts in the body so your immune system can function as it’s meant to be with your intelligence and your direction, not those of the invaders.

You don’t have to have all of these symptoms. Perhaps you only have one. Any one can be a sign of microbial yeast infection. If you have any of these symptoms or are not feeling well, consider coming in for Autonomic Response Testing and let us check you out. We’ll put you on a detoxification and rebuilding program.

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