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Hawaiian healing and the heart's wisdom...

Heart Wisdom of the day: I was watching a video of an elder Hawaiian "medicine man" spiritual teacher of Ho'oponopono. The most important thing I have learned from this tradition is the application of these four sentiments to any situation that needs healing."Thank you" 'I love you" "I'm sorry" "Please forgive me" These sentiments are applied in any order, but contemplated with true feeling and intention. This applies to people, events and actions in your life. He goes on to encourage us to take responsibility for all of our feelings. If difficult feelings come up in us, we are to thank them for coming to us again, giving us another chance to feel them, heal them and let them go with love. My sister shared with me a phrase I've repeated many times "If you are feeling it, you are healing it." I guess this is true as the body/mind is nudging you to feel it until you break it down, digest it and assimilate it effectively into your spirit and consciousness. The Ayurvedic tradition would say painful emotions are like undigested meals. They hang around in our body weighing us down until we digest them thoroughly. I'd like to think that a well digested painful emotion is then like food or fuel, redemption or insight to strengthen and nourish us on life's journey. Giving our heart wings as the Sufi's like to meditate on.

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