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Make your dreams come true 2014!

Hello Friends, I've hung out with Native American/Shaman types enough to know that when they see someone who they consider successful..they say.."Oh his/ her dream must be strong" So, of late, when I am awake early in the morning..and I'm literally recalling my dreams of the night and the coming dreams of the day..I try to allow the dream of the day to guide me and focus me into my daily chores and activities. I'm trying to follow my dreams into reality."Prayer" could also be substituted for the word dream..sacred prayers and "dreams" have a similar meaning in this instance..When I try to find the clarity of purpose and energy to do what needs to be done..I try to listen to the quiet voices of the morning to guide me to the the real messgaes of my soul's purpose and desire. I try not to get diverted or perverted by the shoulds and oughts. In that light I am reorganizing my patient calendar for 2014. New patient intake and treatments will be scheduled for Mondays as well as Autonomic Response Testing. Follow-up patients will be on Wednesdays and Fridays. I am asking my patients to schedule their appointments for the YEAR in advance because my schedule is gettin very busy.I want to keep being able to offer you time for your healing treatments so I need to ask you to organize your calendar and make a commitment to optimize your lifestyle health AND HEALING.

In order to make your dreams come true you have to have the energy, the qi, the prana to fuel those dreams. Acupuncture, healing and nourishing your body is like maintaining the car which takes you there! Take care of your body, nourish your soul with self care! Your body is your saced temple. It has be be strong to realize your deisres and create your destiny! ALso I'd encourage you all to upgrade to what I call Acupuncture Plus! Acupuncture plus inlcudes one of the following: laser therapy, color therapy, shiatsu and subtle body work like cranial.. or cupping, magnets, C.E.S. or other treatment modalities. Acupuncture PLus closts $100.00. I find if you add a little more in cost and service you get twice the benefit.It's like getting two acupuncture sessions. Acupuncture plus has a great value and no one else is offering this in the Lehigh Valley.SO please plan in advance for your sessions and upgrade to Acupuncture Plus for yor New Year! Lisa Baas B.A., B.S., MPS, L.OM

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