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Muscle Testing Seminar May 5-8, 2023

Please join us at May 5-6 & 7-8 Muscle Testing Methods & Applied Psycho Kinesiology Workshops Learn Accurate and Reliable Muscle Testing Techniques Discovery ways to Clear Emotional Blocks to Health Expect to immediately apply these methods, tools and techniques in practice and connect with supportive and like-minded practitioners. Two Workshops- One Long Weekend- Come to One or Both- Location: Horsham PA This series of Live Workshops are held back-to-back on one intensive weekend to get the most from attending with personalized small groups. In person - hands on work is essential to learn and apply muscle testing accurately. Experienced Instructor Team: Lisa Thomassen, Lisa Baas L.Om, Miriam Rahav MD Lauren McNaughton RN, MSN, Lisa Rosenthal. & Lou Trovato DDS. Our Instructors have taught and lectured for over 10 years with this work and will share their integrative approach offering the best flow to get you testing easily. You will learn how to apply the techniques within your practice modality. You will be individually guided in small groups as you become proficient in the feel, timing, and techniques necessary for reliable outcomes. Expect to immediately use the technique in your practice and with your family. Bonus workshops on Hidden Dental Infections, Energetic Laser Detox, & Using the Remedy Maker. Space is limited to please register early. If there is overflow of interest we will teach the series again in Sept. But do register now to secure your spot in May. Hope you will join us. Reach out with questions. Glad to guide you. Event Flier May 5-6, 2023 Muscle Testing Methods Reliable and Accurate Techniques MTM combines the science and knowledge of the most widely used energetic assessment modalities in an easy to use system to detect the true causes of illness with biological solutions not found with any other single method. Beginners & seasoned muscle testing practitioners, coaches, therapists and caregivers are welcome to learn and refresh skills. Both Basic and Advanced skills are taught at this workshop. Why is this system different and why is there a need for Energetic Testing?, Event Details- What will you learn. Tools & Test Kits Hotel Options Fee: $1440.00 Early discount 10% off by 3/26 2nd Time attendee discount Registration Cut off date: 4/21 website for details Call to register 908-414-0769 May 7-8, 2023 Applied Psycho Kinesiology Assessing Emotional Blocks to Healing APK uses the signals of the body to uncover the Psycho-Emotional Causes of persistent illness and prioritize treatment. Knowledge of Muscle Testing is required to attend the APK Workshop. Experience Hands on Work in Small groups with individual instruction. We work with light, photons, color, healing dialogues and family systems. All practitioners, therapists and caregivers are welcome to learn. Event Details -What you will learn in APK Tool Catalog MTM & APK Hotel Options Fee: $800.00 Early discount 10% off by 3/26 2nd time attendee discount Registration Cut off date: 4/21 website for details to Register Call 908-414-0769 Contact us with questions or to register 908-414-0769 Workshop Location: Trovato Nutrition 701 Horsham Rd, Horsham PA. Directions Hotel Options Reserve your room today CONNECT WITH US! Facebook Twitter Instagram

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