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Bitter herbs for better health!

We love bitters including berberine! Bitter herbs have been used for centuries as a digestive aid and general cleanse. Berberine is found in many traditional herbs including Coptis, Bitter mellon and Ginseng.. Berberine helps to clear the gall bladder, it fights infection, balances the digestion and regulates blood sugar. Bitter herbs help the liver and gall bladder detox by up regulating the release of bile salts. Regulating the gall bladder means it efficiently dumps fat soluble toxins into the small intestine. Because bitter herbs help the liver function well, they help with a myriad of health challenges. The efficient function of the liver/gall bladder system is necessary for all health maintenance including digestive, neurological, respiratory and reproductive systems. A congested liver can wreak havoc everywhere in the body causing allergies, asthma, eczema, migraines, reproductive issues and more. Bitter herbs help regulate overall health and are very helpful for women's reproductive health. The ovaries have receptors for bitter herbs, which can aid in regulating the movement of blood, decreasing pain and inflammation. Bitter herbs can also help with clearing out phlegm and mucous, like cysts and fibroids. When doing any kind of detox, it is critical to keep the liver and /gall bladder drainage open. Keeping all of the drainage organs is important.. Detox is our specialty. We can help you cleanse, balance and nourish yourself back to health. It's what we do! Call us for a consultation today!

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