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Self Care in time of Corona Virus

Lots of recommendations to take care of yourself and family!

General Anti -Viral recommendations and Immune Boosters

Anti Viral herbal tinctures: 2 dropperfuls 2/day for prevention or 2 dropperfuls 4/day to treat

Andrographis tincture Dandelion root tincture Scutellaria- skull cap tincture Licorice tincture Rosemary tincture Calendula tincture propalis tincture.

artemesia annua


Scrofularia = xuan shen

Wu yao =Radix lindera

Houttuynia= yu xing cao

Ban lan gen= Isatis

Olive leaf extract Garlic or allicinnin Kyolic brand or others

Elderberry tincture


Multi- Mushroom complex for immune enhancement Biocidin from Bio Botanical Research L-Lysine as directed

MMS-Miracle Mineral Solution- mix one drop of each sodium chloride and citric acid let sit 3 minutes add to 4.OZ water…..or 15 drops of each in gargle, clean teeth and or swallow to ward off many pathogens

Vite C 2-9 grams/daily- sodium ascorbate for prevention To treat viruses: Day 1: 50 grams in 1 gallon of distilled water..drink until bowels get loose Day 2- 40 grams in water till loose stools Day 3- 30 grams in loose stools..should resolve many symptoms Vite D 6000-10,000 daily Total V-Rex from Nutri-west Virrescence from Biopure Colostrum 1 TBS daily first thing in water Ultra Vir-x by Biotics Transfer Factor- Multi - Immune by Researched Nutritionals Cyto -Quell for inflammatory reduction Dr. Sinatra Lung & Bronchial Support Astragalus for lung support Reishi for lung support, asthma,


Guna Citomix and Guna Virus 5 pellets 2x/day or 1 tube of Guna flu daily as a preventative for Covid -19 Increase dosage if treating virus to 2-3 x/day of each Guna Gamma12 for asthma like symptoms, shortness of breath, airway irritation Oscillicoccinum homeopathic medicine for flu-like symptoms

Alfa CF --- as directed

Chinese Herbal Formulas:

Yu ping Fen San Chinese formula for immune tonic to prevent Yin Qiao Tang Chinese herb Formula for sore throat, anti viral

Xiao chai hu tang formula..takes the stress off of the liver to help the lungs

There are many Chinese herbal formulas used to treat flu. You are welcome to set up a consultation… to meet your specific needs! We can phone consult as well if you are having symptoms!

Dietary recommendations:

Stay away from sugar, chocolate, caffeine, peanuts, dairy, wheat and alcohol. Turn off wifi- at least at night ….if not go back to hard wire. No cell phone in pocket or on body. Get outside and get some sunshine. Deep breathing helps boost immune. Get plenty of sleep. Drink enough water. Meditate, exercise, yoga, tai chi, pray or do whatever gets you into the rest and digest! Eat well, eliminate junk foods.

Diffuse Thieves essential oil. Dab it on neck and shoulder to warm channels and boost immune.

Diffuse propalis

Acupuncture, cupping, color and light therapies boost your immune function. Get regular treatments!

Researched* Anti-virals by illness :

Andrographis- corona virus, unica granatum aqueous extract (PGAE)

colloidal silver-HIV, Hep C

elderberry-flu, herpes. HIV

echinacea-viral bronchitis

garlic- anti viral, bacterial, fungal-chewed raw

green tea- herpes, Hep B , HIV

Licorice- HIV, viral Hepatidis

Olive Leaf- flu, herpes, polio, coxackie

Pau D Arco-flu, herpes, viral stomatis

St. John’s Wort- herpes, Hep C, HIV

Thank you and Be well!

Lisa Baas

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