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Bitter herbs for better health

We love berberine! and other bitter herbs.. Berberine is found in many traditional herbs including the Chinese herbs Huang lian, aka Coptis, Bitter mellon or Ku Gua and Ginseng.. Berberine helps to clear the gall bladder, fights infection, balances the digestion, regulates blood sugar. It helps the liver detox by up regulating the bile salts. Clearing out stagnation in the gall bladder more efficiently dumps toxins into the small intestine. It also helps with reproductive issues, as the ovaries have bitter receptors, regulating the blood and clearing out phlegm and mucous, like cysts, fibroids and blood stagnation which causes pain. When doing any kind of antimicrobial or heavy metal detox, it is good to keep the gall bladder channels open, so the proper drainage happens. Keeping the detox organs open and flushing is important.. The liver can't do it's job unless the gall bladder is clear...It's just as important to have your intestines healthy and non you can poop out the toxins rather than reabsorbing them..This is one reason we use herbs and supplements to heal the gut lining..and binders to grab the toxins to shuttle them out..Gall bladder congestion leads to many illnesses..Migraines, breast stagnation, asthma...Detox is our specialty. We can help you cleanse, balance and nourish yourself back to health. It's what we do! More on how to heal the gut next time...!

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