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Intuitive Therapeutics Series with Lisa Baas Energy Medicine Masters 2021

Essential Skills for the Energy Medicine Master: Learn how to perceive the holographic body, using multi-dimensional skills and tools. Learn the encoded systems and be able to deconstruct the messages. Upgrade your healing practice and transform your energy medicine skills. Become the healer and energy master you have always wanted to be. This is the Medical Intuitive Class you really want. Increase your clairvoyance,telepathy, precognition and somato-kinesis.

March 20/21,2021

April; 17/18

May 15/16,

June 12/13;

July 17/18,

Aug 14/15,

Sept. 25/26

Oct. 16/17,

Nov. 13/14,

Essential Skills for the Energy Medicine Practitioner

$1250.00 per level

Three Modules: 9 Weekends

· Level 1: The Holographic Body

· Asian Masters’ Methods

· Bo-Shin- Visual Observation, Oriental Diagnosis

· Setsu Shin-Examination Physical Touch and treatment

· Bun Shin-listening, odor, smell

· Mon Shin -Questioning

· Meridians

· 5 Elements

· Shiatsu

· Pulse and Tongue, 6 evils, 8 Principals


Energy Medicine Masters Module 2- Healing the Luminous Body

· Awakening the Master Heart/Mind

· Hands of light: opening/ closing

· Chakra Tantras

· Sovereign Self healing Qi Gong

· Binary: Decoding the universal text

· Bi digital O-ring

· Pendulum Praxis

· Kinesiology

· Energy Medicine Masters Module 3 -Quantum Healing Techniques and Tools

· Oneness-The Universal Analogue

· Lasers and Light

· Color Therapy

· Ancestral and Epigenetic Clearing

· Working with Animals

· Clearing spirits, ghosts and hitchhikers

· Long distance methods

· Timeline Travel

· Open door method


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