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Co-Morbidity and Current Viral Risk

Risk factors for the current pandemic infection include your age, your diet, your weight, your back round microbial load, general toxicity and the number of medications you are taking. All of these things can be indicators of the level of inflammation in your body. Recent studies show association with underlying or latent Epstein Barr infection the current viral influenza morbidity. Reactivation of EBV during the current circulating virus adds to the load of inflammatory responses in your body creating a double whammy for your immune system to conquer and deal with! So as I have recommended for the last 7 months... sodium ascorbate (the vitamin C that is easier to tolerate) is a great antiviral treatment...So is garlic, elderberry and I have a host of anti-viral herbs and supplements at the clinic. Our home made elderberry tincture is strong. Stock up on your antivirals!


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