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Helpful Hints for Mask Wearing

Helpful hints for mask wearing.

My advice is to shop around, if you can, to find a mask that suits you. There are many different shapes and sizes. Wearing one that feels comfortable and secure will go a long way with compliance.

Brush your teeth before wearing...and after every meal.

Floss too. Carry a small portable toothbrush, floss and essential oils with you. Use them!

Drink lots of water to keep hydrated...especially after caffeine, alcohol and strong foods.

Gargle with Young Living Peppermint Oil...

or your favorite essential oil to freshen your mouth.

If you use cloth masks: cotton cloth will breath better. They will be more comfortable on your skin and they will allow the natural self defensive chi to circulate better on your skin and body.

Wash cloth masks regularly and rotate them.

Make sure they fit well and the material is not too thick or too thin. If it's too thick (double layered polyester) it will get hot..If too thin (single layer cotton) it will breath easier but may not be as effective..

Make sure the elastic is not too tight or too loose. The large elastic seems to have a better pull than the string elastic but can also be tighter. Sometimes I rotate my masks depending on my perceived level of threat..This is risky because we should really be using universal precaution standards..But if I am outside where there are fewer people I might wear a different mask than if I am in a crowded store.

Black masks will be hotter than white masks...something to consider if you are going to be outside in the sun.

Make sure your paper mask is upright and the nose adjusters are on the upside. Adjust accordingly.

Keep masks easily available. I keep one in my car console. Several in my purse of different colors and textures to fit my mood, outfit and level of security. These are not fool proof measures. Remember that wearing masks are a barrier between exhalation droplets and people. They are better than nothing at creating a basic barrier for your protection and for others. If they didn't work surgeons would not need to wear them.

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