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Today's Clearing

Todays’ Daily Clearing:

The word for today’s clearing is “escapism”..and the healing words are “kindness and joy”..

Even though I have been socially distancing and trying to escape the fear through isolation...even though I have been stressed by being at home and not working...even though I have been trying to escape my feelings with distractions, videos, the internet and social media…even though isolation is the goal..escapsim has been distorting my body, mind and spirit…I choose to remember the goal of life is kindness and joy..I choose to embrace the goodness that surrounds me..I choose to embody the joy of life even in hard times..I accept where I am even if it is uncomfortable..I accept the reality of the present moment and chose to embrace kindness and joy as my inner sanctuary and resource. I allow the abundance of kindness and joy to fill my heart. I can choose my thoughts, if I calm my mind. I can embrace kindness and joy as the indivisible connection keeping my heart and mind united with universal beneficence..I release all non beneficial thoughts feelings and emotions related to escapism…I embrace kindness and joy. While I am here on Earth, I have the power to direct my thoughts and actions..I chose kindness and joy!

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