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Wildfires and treating smoke inhalation!

How to Treat Lung issues from smoke inhalation as seen in California wildfires.

Because smoke inhalation is a literal toxic wind heat invasion, it would be wise to consider the classic formula, San Ju Yin for releasing the exterior wind heat. It is a very safe formula made up of lots of flowers, fruit seeds and mild roots.

Sang Ju Ye is made up of these herbs and here are their functions and indications:

Sang Ye – white mulberry leaf- mildly clears lung wind heat, reduces fever, treats sore throat, clears eyes and liver heat

Ju Hua- Chrysanthemum flower- dispels wind, clears heat, good for head ache or fever, clears liver toxins and benefits the eyes for red, dry or painful eyes, blurred vision, dizziness

Lian Qiao – Forsythia Fruit- descends toxic heat, relieves sore throat, heat sores, reduces swelling

Bo-he- mint- clears liver heat, disperses wind heat, benefits throat, reduces cough, clears head, vents rashes

Jie Geng- Balloon Flower Root- opens the lung energy, benefits the throat, transforms phlegm

Xing Ren –Apricot Seed- stops cough and calms wheezing for heat or cold patterns. very good for dry cough

Lu Gen- Reed Rhizome- clears lung heat, generates fluids, stops thirst

Gan Cao Licorice Root-treats sore throat, dry cough, moistens the lungs, wheezing, calms unstable emotions, helps burns, reduces heart palpitations, it nourishes the heart, it helps boost the body’s immune system

Sang Ju Ye is good for early exterior wind heat causing cough. Symptoms can include slight sore throat, painful red eyes, slight fever and thirst. This classic toxic wind heat invasion is seen in exposure to smoke. This fits the pattern very well.

If the exposure gets worse one might consider Yin Qiao, especially if the sore throat becomes more severe.

After the initial toxic wind heat exposure is over, one needs to consider what the pattern of the individual is and then consider whether one needs to nourish the lung yin as in Bai He Gu Jin Tang or some other formula like Bu Fei Tang to tonify the lung's chi or Xie Bai Tang to clear fire from the lungs or other formulas.

Keep in mind the pattern of the individual, as each will have a differing underlying condition.

Good luck in treating these environmental illnesses!

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