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The Veil is thin...

When the plant kingdom dies..they say "the veil is thin". In North America this happens late October early November right around Halloween and All Saints and All Souls day. The plant kingdom, many animals and living creatures retreat underground for the winter and live in a quiet hibernation phase. It happens to humans too, as many of us retreat into the comfort of our homes avoiding the colder temps outside. We become more internal in our energies. This can lead to quiet contemplation, mindfulness and the intuition that comes from being still. What also happens is that the atmosphere above ground becomes relatively a little quieter because the plant and animal kingdoms are quiet..

So, I say the veil is thin because I believe it is easier to do the internal work of self healing at this time. It is more conducive to communicating with our ancestors, have intuitive connections with loved ones and ourselves. So, as we enter the dark time, the longer nights and shorter days, there is more time for dreaming, day dreaming and journeying to other realms in our meditations. This can lead to greater self awareness, a wellspring of creativity, passion, inspiration and ultimately rebirth. It is a great time to start practicing your meditations or start a dream journal.

The dark time has already descended upon the Northern Hemisphere. You may be feeling this already. Perhaps now you will be able to embrace the dark time with a sense of adventure and excitement. Can you open to the possibilities of traveling with out ever leaving home? You can as you enter the dream time!

Maybe our hearts and minds become a little clearer. Maybe we have to pray harder because we are challenged by the cold, the harsher realities of winter. Maybe the existential threat of death and extinction in our genes makes us a little more open to our neighbors and our selves. Maybe we contemplate death more and in doing so become more open to considering our ancestors.

Perhaps it is a good time to set strong intentions. Perhaps we can make more magic happen with our thoughts, words and deeds. Perhaps as the dark surrounds us we realize our frailty and mortality.

As the solstice approaches it is a time for magic. Every tradition says so. Miracles happen as the world embraces the light. But we must first move through the fertile ground of the darkness to remember it.

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