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All creatures large and small!

All things thriving! Solstice 2018!

When I look up at the sky I see the trees in full bloom and blossom. Every living thing is thriving at this time of year. All creatures are in a super growth spurt that matches the sun's highest point on the Northern Hemisphere and the longest day. There is a lot of heat that builds up in our bodies. The microbes are thriving too! SO I see a lot of viral activity in people.Lyme disease flares up. Herpes cold sores are popping up..There are good and bad sides to summer.We are influenced by the environment.The sun and heat affect inflammation and stir up inflammatory conditions in the body, mind and spirit. Tempers flare, insomnia, irritability, rashes and mania conditions are more common as are heart conditions.. Luckily we know how to treat all of these conditions with cooling treatments and herbs. We specialize in Lyme treatments, emotional balancing and microbial balancing. Call us today to have a cool summer, relaxed and free of what's bugging you, whether it's allergies, insomnia or any of the other summertime blues! Stay cool and calm with acupuncture, herbs and our beautiful treatments!

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