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25 Signs foods are causing inflammation!

Inflammation is at the root of many diseases. We have found the root cause of many symptoms!

Have you ever gone to the local diner for breakfast and then spent the next hour or so clearing your throat? This is a sign that the bacon, eggs, bread, coffee and cream were too rich for your system. Those foods were not being digested effectively. They caused too much stress on your body and it caused your body to make fat, phlegm, mucous and inflammation.

These symptoms mimic allergies. In a way they are an allergic reaction to foods you are sensitive to but unaware of. If you are mindful about your body’s reactions to food intake, you can be alerted to which foods cause your body to go into overdrive inflammatory responses.

This needs careful attention, but pay close attention to body reactions after you eat or drink something. Do you have sudden boogers in your nose? Phlegm in your throat? Sneezing? Coughing? Weird aches or pains in your stomach, headaches, joint pains or weird feeling anywhere else? Be especially mindful for 1-2 hours after eating, But take notice for 24-48 hours if you can.

Do you get hot flashes at night after eating sugar or drinking alcohol? This could be a sign or yeast overgrowth or parasites and unbalanced micro-biome? Does your belly ache? Do you get sudden diarrhea? Gas or bloating? Farting? Borborygmous or stomach growling? Burping? Sweating? Brain fog? Fatigue?

These are all signs that your body is trying to eliminate something or trying to regulate it’s self in the presence of a challenge, allergen or minor toxin. Most of the time we don’t pay enough attention to the cause and effect of our food intake.

The challenge for some is that the signs can be very subtle and sometimes the effects are not instantaneous. Sometimes it takes months or years for food sensitivities to reach their full effect. Food can actually turn into poison in your system causing autoimmune responses. This is when your body attacks it’s self because it recognizes a toxin but attacks the body because it can’t find or determine where the toxin is in the body. Kind of a shot gun approach to fighting an invader except the body is suffering the collateral damage.

Here are some signs to watch out for after eating foods. If you have any of these after eating we recommend you do a food elimination diet to see what foods trigger your symptoms.. This is a partial list of what foods might be doing to your body, causing inflammation, allergy, immune issues, mood changes and more.

1. pain any where, head aches, join pain etc.

2.phlegm and mucous

3. fatigue

4. sneezing

5. coughing

6.stomach upset

7. stomach growling or borborygmus

8. mood changes

9. brain fog

10. insomnia



13. burping

14 diarrhea




18. eczema, rashes, boils, pimples etc.


20. itchy skin


22. tooth ache

23. thyroid issues


25.allergies of any kind

And this is just a partial list of what food can cause in the body...!

If you have any of these issues chronically, it is best to see a holistic practitioner who is educated in dietary counseling. We can test you for food sensitivities in the office. We can test for foreign and hidden toxins in your system. We can help you assess your food sensitivities and allergies. We can give you herbs to help strengthen your digestion and immune function. We can help you reduce and eliminate all of these symptoms. so you can live health and happy, stress free life. We can give you acupuncture to boost your energy and immunity.We offer massage to move and drain your lymph system. We offer non invasive therapies like laser and PEMF to energize your system and reduce inflammation. Once you eliminate the symptoms of disease people are usually happier. Give us a call. 610 841.9300. Have a happy New Year!

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