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Emotional Healing

True stories in healing.

I have begun working more directly with emotional and spiritual level factors of disease. I had a client come in the other day who is a massage therapist. Her chief complaint was foot pain, which started during a massage session with one of her clients, who also had the exact same foot pain. My client said it came and went for several weeks until the day before I saw her. The pain suddenly appeared and she couldn’t walk without excruciating pain.

I immediately suspected she had an energetic emotional attachment to that client, in psychological terms a somatic counter transference. In energy medicine and psychotherapy, it is commonly known that if boundaries are not clear and strong, it is possible to absorb other people’s energy and take on their pain and suffering.

I tested my patient with kinesiology and confirmed she had an unhealthy energy attachment, which I suspected was with the patient of hers. It wasn’t clear until the session began that she had just broken up with her lover. The lover had just moved out of the house the day before. There was stress and lingering emotional boundary issues with the ending of that relationship. Cutting of the heart strings, clarifying the boundaries and the unresolved feelings were adding to the mix of weakened energetic and volatile emotional state, which made her more vulnerable to picking up unhealthy energies. She also was carrying emotional pain and suffering for her Mother who had suffered emotional traumas.

The emotional and spiritual baggage she was carrying was burdening her energy system and weakening her. Just like the straw that breaks the camels back, the emotional stress caused her immune system to weaken and she picked up other people’s energy and symptoms just like a cold or a flu.

The treatment was a combination of acupuncture to reset her body’s own circuitry, color therapy with laser therapy and “shamanic” talk therapy to disconnect from the burdensome emotional connection and establish her own better boundaries. The next day I got a call from her saying that “It was a miracle! Her foot pain was gone and she had just a twinge of sensation left in her toe.”

The tools I use in healing are quite unique. Laser therapy “shines light on”, super energizes and relaxes the energy field enough for clients to feel their emotions. Color therapy balances the emotional state as it is linked to the body. The acupuncture helps reset and strengthen the meridians and internal circuitry. The hands on work helps create trust and support and bridges the mind and the body. The “shamanic” talk therapy is compassionate guidance to help them move through their subjective worlds to create a healthier paradigm.

More and more I find people come in with emotional connections to their dis-ease.

I help people consciously connect to their feelings and spiritual relationships, release unhealthy patterns and reframe their reality for the better. Many people say they have had break throughs in my office that they couldn’t get with years of therapy.

When people release stuck emotional energy they have more available energy to deal with their physical symptoms or enjoy life. Sometimes the physical symptoms just go away.

We have some really elegant tools to help our clients connect with them selves as multidimensional human beings. Opening up to the sense of self as connected to the “sources” of their energy and the “oneness” of the web of life is empowering and rekindles my clients’ and my own sense of awe and excitement that life is so interesting and wonderous. The process of healing then becomes less of a task and more of a magical journey we take together.

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