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How I healed my life and Insomnia at the same time .

Last November I was finishing a 6 month long detox, which started with antibiotics taken profilactically for a tick bite. The antibiotics lead to a yeast overgrowth of my gut, inspite of my taking probiotics! This lead to anti yeast medicines and herbs for a month or so. At the end of which I received a diagnosis of parasites! I took parasite medicines for a couple of months. The whole process wound up taking 6 months!

Now, I'm in the business of detoxing people and helping them with removing microbes from their systems but, this was my first big experience with a major systemic detoxification. I also, just happened to be going through the final stages of menopause as well! The process of killing microbes is kind of like chemo therapy..a lot of killing agent medicine is tough on the body's immune system. I had had a really busy work year and I had a long distance relationship which kept me commuting and constantly busy. There was no down time for at least a year and a half.

At the end of the detox, my system was crashing. I wound up with adrenal exhaustion, no hormones to speak of.. I had regular bouts of insomnia, some anxiety and stress. I was weak and collapsing. But I'm kind of strong and stubborn and had challenging times in the past and just was soldiering I can do..But it freaked my boyfriend out! He got scared and broke up with me..He said I needed to let go of things.

Well, that started a new and different focus of healing which was the recovery and recuperation phase. I spent 6 months on the couch, resting...taking hebs for adrenal and energy recuperation. I had insomnia, in part from the adrenal exhaustion, inpart from the menpasue and low hormone level and in part from the grief of my relationship ending.

So because I am a 'do it yourself" kind of gal I decided to use all of the tools in my healing toolbox to heal myself while I was awake for the many hours of the night.

I came to love those hours of dark and quiet when I was alone with my prayers and any angels who were listening.

The first thing I learned to do was to recognize where I was holding tension in my body and relax it. I would identify the areas of my neck and shoulders and consciously loosen them up. The second thing was, to do deep diaphramic, meditaive breathing. The deep breathing also loosened up my tension and gounded my thoughts.

The third thing was to pray. I used the old prayers I learned in Sunday school. I made up my own prayers to fit my belief system. I prayed for guidance mostly but for healing of my body and heart. I called upon my helpful ancestors, spirit guides, power animals, angels, God and Goddess to help me with what I needed to know. I chanted simple mantras that I knew would put my mind on white noise.

I also used my qi gong and energy healing (energy fingers) to remove the pain in my heart. I would imagine that my magic fingers would dig into the deep emotional pain of my heart and lift it out and give it to the healing light of Spirit or Mother Earth. As I would do this my body would slowly relax, my symptoms would subside, my anxiety would diminish and I would fall asleep.

I also would clear my body of any unwanted energies and influences. I would remove any negative connections with friends family, patients and news. I would disconnect from any unwanted emotional connections by using my creative visualization and intention.

I rarely have insomnia now. My body is mostly healed from the burnout and my heart is whole again. But when I do have the occasional wakefullness in the night, I utilize the same exercises, mediations and mantras. I use my magic energy fingers to remove tension and stagnation in my body. It has become a ritual time for healing and regeneration. I have healed my self of several nagging conditions that disappeared after doing my nighttime

ren dez vous with my higher self and spiritual companions.

So, to sum up my fixes for insomnia..I'd say..first relax..let your body guide you and give you what benefits you may receive from this night time. Relax your body, quiet your mind with prayer, meditation and mantra. Use creative visualization to remove unwanted energies. Let the night time be your friend and guide to connect with the deeper parts of your being that get ignored and passed over during the busy day.

And if all those fail you...Get help! Acupuncture and herbs really do help when you need extra support!

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