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13 Ways to reduce electromagnetic frequencies.(EMF’s) copyright 2014 Lisa Baas

In 2006 I took a course on electromagnetic detection and remediation in the home from the International Institute for Baubiologie. You can find them online. Here are some tips from the experts on how to reduce your EMF exposure!

#1 Turn off your cell phone when not in use! What a concept!? Turn it on every hour just to check the messages .. otherwise leave it off!

#2 Don’t use head set wireless devices. They send the EMF impulse directly into your ear canal and closer to the brain

#3 Use your land line for calls which will be long..over 2 minutes

#4 Use speaker phone, so you don’t have the phone close to your head!

#5 Text! It keeps the phone away from your head and brain.

#6 Don’t wear your cell phone on your body..keep it 3 feet away if possible. Cell phones transmit calls even when you are not using them. Your cell phone is a small but powerful radiowave frequency receiver and transmitter. So keep it away from your body as much as possible!

#7 Don’t use your cell phone in your car. The metal cage of your car acts like a big echo chamber bouncing and magnifying the signals back into you. So try not to talk on your phone while in your car!

#8 Disconnect your wireless at night. For most systems with a push of the button you can disconnect the wireless router at night and give your body the needed time to produce melatonin which is the body’s natural antioxidant. Melatonin is a hormone which is disrupted by EMF’s!

#9 Pull your bed away from the wall about 1 foot. Most wiring in the United States is done with Romex which means it’s not shielded. This means that even when the current is not running through the wiring there still is voltage in your cords and electrical wires. Body voltage can be measured in your sleeping area and should be below 5…..

#10 Unplug your sleep number bed and electric blankets. Remove all surge protectors and unplug all electrical cords near the bed. Remove digital clocks and electric devices from your spleeping area. The sleeping area is the most important place to keep free of EMF’s because that is the time the body regenerates. Melatonin is the antioxidant hormone helps you sleep and reduces oxidative stress.

#11 Remove fluorescent lights and dimmer switches. Dimmer switches cause dirty electricity where the pulse of the electromagnetic field is jagged and agitating to human health

#12 Use shielded wiring in new building projects.

#13 Make sure your house is grounded properly. Find of check for grounding wires if possible. In urban housing sometimes the ground wire is attached to the water pipes.

There are other ways to reduce electromagnetic frequencies. Check out for products such as pocket protectors for your cell phones and tablets, safe ear buds for your phone, grounding devices and more. You can also have your house checked out by Sal La Duca, a certified Building Biologist and specialist in indoor home health including EMF detection and remediation. He is located in Phillipsburg , New Jersey

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